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The traditional "side dish" is a thing of the past. With the advances of nutrition and dietary trends/ideas, what we once labeled a side dish can easily morph into an entree all its own.

For example...from a simple side of rice we moved to veggies and a protein on a bed of rice.

Today we go one step further. ThymelyMeals loves to take the opportunity to introduce a healthier option when possible. Instead of traditional white rice, we substitute wild rice, brown rice, or quinoa.

One more step...toss in a leafy green like arugula with its peppery taste but packed with iron.

One more about a handful of dried cranberries to hit that other part of your tongue while offering a different texture altogether.

Last step, a bit of protein...this can either be a health conscious portion of moderately seasoned chicken, or a healthy fish or if you really want to keep it light sprinkle a handful of flaxseed on top.

There's no limit to the side dish. Our creativity can make it economical, tasty and fun.

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