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My earliest exposure to cooking is obviously in the home where my South Carolina born-parents raised our family. Albeit our home was in West Philadelphia we understood the southern palette and cuisine. The ability to create a meal from conservative items and the value of being thankful. The youngest of nine children, meals especially around holidays were always memorable. Seeing my mother cook an entire Thanksgiving meal seemed effortless. Most notable was the idea that for many years she would cook a 23 pound turkey in a brown paper bag in the oven, never burning, never dry.


My cooking technique has evolved since the early days of the business. I pride myself in cooking practical meals in a unique manner but always health conscious. Soups and stews are made from my own stock - never store bought. I prefer to use locally grown produce. Never a can - unless it's diced or stewed tomatoes and they are always coupled with fresh Roma tomatoes. I cook clean - all fresh items, nothing processed, beans start dry, proteins carefully chosen, seafood wild caught. Seasoning used support anti-inflammation...garlic, cinnamon, curry, various herbs and minimum sea salt. Never iodine/table.

If food helps you to live then it should be a help, not a hindrance.

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Not just a side, man.

Quinoa, Soup, Hummus, Granola, Muffins...

Menu and more

We talk about nutritional needs and dietary habits first, I’ll put together the rest.....

Our Juice...

A variety of healthy and tasty juices to accompany your meals or alone to support positive lifestyle change.

We go clean...

If I can't spell it, I don't put it in the food.

Low sodium

High protein source

Safe Carbs


I typically don't take the time to ask for video reviews,

but glad I did...Will do more often

"High quality food & juices! The cold pressed watermelon juice was incredible! Meals are not over powered with seasoning, they have just the right amount to enjoy the natural taste of what's being consumed. Love it!"

"His humus topped with tortilla chips was so delicious and fulfilling. If you're trying to ensure you're getting enough protein, include this delicious snack in your meals..."

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Tell me a little about your nutritional needs and dietary habits. Let's make small but effective changes which support positive change in your lifestyle.

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