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Inaugural Evening at E's...see me before you leave!

After a solid month of mentally preparing and 1 week of emotionally and physically preparing, the inaugural Evening at E's took place last night without any substantial hitches. I was very pleased. My 12 guests were awesome! The musicians were on-point (Charles Newkirk)! My Accountability-Buddy (C.Conley) was cool under fire and kept me on-track! My cheerleader (Dr. T.Ashe) was first to arrive and an outstanding co-host! The weather...Thank you, God for sparing us! The food...I gotta admit...I was quite pleased.

I think we're gonna do this again pretty soon...certainly before the weather changes too much. Plans to install some really nice lighting out back. The fireplace is ready to be used, yall. Was no need for it last night.

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